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We take a proactive approach to your health

PHM’s proprietary ClearCancer care management service leverages PHM’s 16 years of extensive experience supporting clients with the toughest cancers and achieving the best healthcare outcomes. Your PHM team matches your urgency, guiding you to make critical decisions with confidence.

On your side, by your side.

When the stakes are this high, you need unbiased advice and timely access to the finest care. We are independent of all health systems and health plans. While we have relationships with the top experts, our allegiance is only to you.

The paradigm for treating cancer is shifting. In addition to focusing on the origin of cancer, we also focus on the molecular characteristics that are driving your disease. PHM utilizes advanced molecular profiling technologies to determine the best treatment strategies for. 

Our expert PhDs, PharmDs, and Clinicians have experience with all cancer types, including those that are rare. Our team will provide you with fully-optimized treatment plans that are grounded in the latest research and incorporate emerging treatments from clinical trials. PHM combines scientific rigor with compassionate care to advocate tirelessly on your behalf every single step of the way.

Comprehensive Cancer Support

PARTNERING WITH YOUR DOCTORS. We can collaborate with your existing care team or help you find additional trusted experts when needed. By providing the latest in-depth medical literature research and advanced treatment options to busy doctors, PHM serves as a trusted auxiliary resource to assist the physicians on your team in doing their best work.

DECISION SUPPORT. We help you understand your health status and support you in making key decisions about your care.

MINIMIZING SIDE EFFECTS. We proactively address issues of quality of life during treatment, and work with your physicians to implement strategies that minimize side effects whenever possible.

SUPPORTIVE CARE. We engage appropriate supportive care providers like nutritionists, psychosocial support providers, physical therapists, private duty nurses, and others to ensure you are holistically supported beyond your direct medical care.

MONITORING TREATMENT RESPONSE. We ensure imaging and laboratory studies are regularly and properly conducted to catch any signs of poor treatment response or disease recurrence. We have contingency plans in place if additional or alternative treatment is needed.

LOGISTICS. We manage your care logistics including scheduling appointments and coordinating and communicating with all members of your care team.

How we do it

Your PHM team will build a personalized plan based on your goals. We'll support you each step of the way to a better you.


  • Conduct health history.
  • Review medical records.
  • Identify health risks and priorities.


  • Facilitate recommended health screenings.
  • Review baseline health assessment.


  • Set health goals.
  • Refer to outside experts.
  • Navigate expert recommendations.


  • Coordinate logistics.
  • Provide ongoing referrals.
  • Monitor screenings.
    Share relevant research.
  • Assess progress to goals.