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Cancer Support for Employers & Employees

Cancer diagnosis and treatment is a persistent and growing challenge for companies. Though they are saving lives, technological and biomedical advances are increasing the direct medical costs of fighting cancer to companies, with indirect workforce impacts being nearly as high. Therefore, it is vital to have a plan to manage your health plan risk and provide the best clinical care possible for your employees with cancer. 

  • Cancer impacts 1 – 2% of your health plan members yet represents 10 – 12% of your healthcare spend, not including the lost productivity of cancer patients and their caregivers.
  • Innovative cancer diagnostics and treatments are extending lives, but the gap between discovery and adoption means that your employees, your health plan, and even treating clinicians often don't know about the latest advancements.
  • The average treatment costs for cancer are six times more than the other most expensive conditions (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and musculoskeletal). Despite a proliferation of condition-specific solutions, cancer has been largely unaddressed until now.
  • Cancer rates are often higher and outcomes poorer among different racial groups making this a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) issue with life and death consequences AND opportunities.

The cancer experts at PHM help you gain control through our ClearCancer solutions:

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For Your Company

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Actionable insights to address the burden of cancer on your health plan and your company

  • Predictive Risk Analysis - Quantify your company’s cancer risk
  • Case Quality Assessment - Evaluate opportunities to improve cancer outcomes
  • Plan Risk Mitigation - Propose health plan changes and prevention programs to reduce cancer’s impact on your company and health plan

For Your Employees

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Expert decision support and care management for complex
cancer cases

  • Targeted Intervention Strategy - Analyze data to identify populations that would benefit the most
  • Precision Diagnosis and Treatment - Apply the latest technologies for personalized care
  • Complex Care Management System - Follow our rigorous four step system to achieve the best outcomes
  • Did you know

Cancer Impacts 1-2% of your population but accounts for 10-12% of your healthcare spend.

Health Optimization Process

Beginning with an initial assessment and specialized screenings, we create a customized action plan to help optimize each member’s health. We also conduct a full review of medical records, executive physicals and customized research based on individual needs.


  • Conduct health history.
  • Review medical records.
  • Identify health risks and priorities.


  • Facilitate recommended health screenings.
  • Review baseline health assessment.


  • Set health goals.
  • Refer to outside experts.
  • Navigate expert recommendations.


  • Coordinate logistics.
  • Provide ongoing referrals.
  • Monitor screenings.
    Share relevant research.
  • Assess progress to goals.