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Taking the chaos out of cancer

A cancer care optimization and cost management program for your company and people

For companies looking to reduce the growing burden of cancer on their employees and their health plan, we connect targeted data-driven workforce strategies with cancer care management for the only end-to-end solution on the market today. 

We built our distinctive cancer model on over 16 years of experience improving the health span of clients with the toughest cancers.

  • Multi-disciplinary approach to assess workforce cancer risk to develop a targeted strategy
  • Clinically sophisticated teams constructed to solve complex cancer challenges
  • Applied health intelligence using precision medicine to radically improve cancer outcomes
  • Tech-enabled delivery platform built to scale and integrate across the ecosystem

For Your Company


Cancer Risk Assessment & Advisory

LEVEL 1 I ClearCancerIQ™ Analysis

Quantitative risk analysis using health plan demographics to predict cancer by type and stage with associated costs.

  • Identify populations and cancer with disproportionate risk and cost for targeted intervention.

LEVEL 2 I Advisory & Action Planning

Compare company claims data against ClearCancerIQ™ results to inform a comprehensive population-level cancer strategy.

  • Enable targeted interventions, including:
    • Early detection
    • Access to quality care
    • Selection therapies/specialty drugs
    • Benefit design changes

For Your Employees


Integrated Cancer Care Management

We are cancer experts

A dedicated Personal Care Team provides expert guidance and integrated care management throughout the care journey resulting in a better care experience and better health outcomes.

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We know what makes a difference

  • Advanced Molecular Profiling
  • Consultations with World-Class Cancer Experts
  • Exploration of Most Viable Options
  • Intelligence on Emerging Treatments
  • Access to Clinical Trials of Promising New Treatments
  • Science-back Decision Support
  • Active Side Effect Management
  • Proactive Treatment Response Monitoring
  • Did you know

Cancer impacts 1-2% of your health plan members, but accounts for 10-12% of your healthcare spend.

PHM's Proven Care Experience

PHM’s proprietary 4-step cancer care management approach is facilitated by a dedicated
Personal Care Team providing continuity throughout the entire care journey. 


  • Conduct a medical history review
  • Collect and review medical records
  • Introduce Personal Care Team
  • Prepare a cancer-focused clinical overview and timeline


  • Conduct personalized molecular profiling
  • Consult experts for diagnostic clarity
  • Provide diagnostic results analysis and insights



  • Identify and consult with leading specialists
  • Conduct custom research from latest medical literature
  • Develop a personalized set of treatment options

Treatment & Monitoring 

  • Implement care plan
  • Provide education and decision support
  • Conduct surveillance monitoring for recurrence